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What We Can OfFer you!
Physical therapy

Home Delivery or Local Office  

We're here to help you reduce and resolve muscular and joint pain and discomfort and to recover from injuries.  


We also help you to reduce your risks of developing such in the first place.

We help you get and stay active and overcome any physical obstacles to doing so. We help you resume activities you enjoy the most. Multiple services are available to meet your needs.


We work with all fitness and ability levels.


I also want to see you grow your overall health. It's our mission to help you do so. Health and prevention is vital to life. Learn more about how we can help. Look around and give us a call.


- Alyssa Bryant, PT, DPT

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Fax: 6017248679

Dr. Alyssa Bryant, PT, IINHC

About the owner:

Alyssa Bryant, DPT, PT, IINHC

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Health Coach


Alumni of UMMC, Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and Mississippi State University. 

I would like to bring services directly to you, wherever you are, to make physical therapy and improving your health more convenient. I would like to help you reduce or relieve your aches and pain, and even improve your likelihood of preventing such.  Physical therapy can help. I have personally helped many people with a variety of activity levels overcome upper and lower body pain and cervical/back pain. 


If you have goals to improve your overall health or fitness level, I can also be your coach to support you in reaching those goals. I can give you accountability, share experience, and help you make choices that will impact your health and reduce discomfort related to food and lifestyle choices. 


Alyssa's strong desire to pursue studies in the health and wellness field developed in 2010, during a then ongoing health struggle with Crohn's disease. In 2010, she chose to learn more about the possibility of improving and growing her health with food and lifestyle choices. Ever since she discovered how food and healthy lifestyle habits can have a powerful impact on our lives, it has become her desire to help others discover this, take back some control, and to grow in overall health of body, mind, and spirit. 

Dr. Alyssa Bryant, PT, IINHC
Bryant PT and Wellness locations
Ridgeland, MS, office, Bryant PT and Wellness
Ridgeland, MS, office, Bryant PT and Wellness
Clinton, MS, office, Bryant PT and Wellness
Clinton, MS, office, Bryant PT and Wellness
Ridgeland, MS, office, Bryant PT and Wellness

420 Monroe St. Suite C. Clinton, MS
Within Olde Towne Chiropractic
By appt. only: 6013083771

574 US-51 Suite D. Ridgeland, MS
Within Luxe Facial Lounge
By appt. only: 6013083771

Physical Therapy,
Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching,
Massage and Myofascial Release,

& Strength and Fitness Assistance

Telehealth PT
Assisted stretching
Assisted Stretching

Massage and Myofascial Release

Myofascial release/Massage:


Let’s dig into those muscles and relieve the sore spots and relax! This can help you recover from every day tension and post-exercise muscle soreness.

Client favorites right now:

shoulders, low back, and calves

Stretching/mobility work: This also provides relief of sore/achy muscles. Good for recovery or anytime.

20-60 minute sessions available.


60 or more minutes: Optional on-site or home delivery available!


Less than 60 minutes: Provided at our office in Clinton or Madison!


I can observe your preferred exercise activities and help you to improve technique and safety and provide personalized exercises to address performance deficits. I can provide strength and exercise programs, to help you address goals and improve injury prevention. I can help beginners to develop new exercise programs and routines.


Massage Therapy
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