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Hello, if you're seeking help to get or stay fit, optimize your energy and health, gain and win back control of your health and motivation, and reduce unhealthy habits to feel your best, we can help!

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What our clients are saying:

reviews clinton, MS, physical therapist

I have helped clients nurture their health, understand their bodies and symptoms, and overcome fatigue, lack of energy, digestive discomfort, physical discomfort, lack of motivation, and growing health burdens.


I help by support, collaboration, and education. I will offer education and choices, support you in your decisions, and support you in following dietary changes recommended by your other medical professionals if so existing. 


Service includes:

Detailed assessment of your goals and health, health burdens, of environment, diet, and lifestyle type. 

Plan creation + collaboration to implement changes step by step.

Pacing: Plan provided step by step, to reduce overwhelm or anxiety. Your own pace.


Familiar recipes and changes right for you. 

Discover more food options, variety, meals. Provide you with established recipes and recipe substitutions.


Decipher ingredient labels easily/quickly at the store.

Chemical/environmental concerns answered.

Fitness options and accountability.

Meditation information.


Learn empowerment and success in nurturing your health.



Since I personally learned of my own food sensitivities 10 years ago, I have exhaustive experience in understanding the mental and physical adjustments associated with adopting a new diet, including gluten free diet, specific carbohydrate diet, and reducing my own symptoms due to Crohn's disease and IBS. I provide support and accountability. 


My goal is to make health coaching convenient, including offering appointments without a commute, and outside of work hours, evenings and Saturdays. We will be a team, as you learn techniques to meet your goals and feel your best.

Alyssa Bryant, DPT, PT, IINHC
  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy, Licensed PT in MS

University of Mississippi Medical Center Alumni

  • Bachelor of Science

Mississippi State University



Tel: 601-308-3771

Fax: 601-724-8679

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