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Patient stories:

J.W. Dees:

Alyssa made me feel welcome when I walked in the door. She was thorough explaining all the equipment I was going to use and patiently telling me again and again. She was always so excited when I did something really well and told me so. She was always observant watching me in case I showed signs of getting tired, would encourage me to rest a while. Due to another health issue she had to change some exercises and patiently taught me the new ones. My physical problems improved so much due to her efforts and she made me feel as though I was the only patient she had that day.

Deborah Lambert:

Bryant PT and Wellness; a new forever name at my house! Alyssa is an excellent, knowledgeable therapist. She will work with you and get the job done. If you have ever considered massage I highly recommend Alyssa. I have had many massages in my life but none were better than hers. And, if that were not reason enough, she will even come to you.


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Aches and pains are commonly reported, including shoulder, neck, back, and knee pain. I have helped patients resolve such aches and pains and other joint pain related to muscle imbalances, flexibility, strength, posture, movement habits, and other variables.


I can evaluate you via video conference to improve your physical health. I will give you a home program, including home exercises and stretches to improve and correct such physical imbalances and muscular and performance deficits. With your determination and motivation, your pain can be reduced or resolved, and your enjoyment of your chosen recreational activities improved or restored.

Also, if you would like prevention and wellness services, I can provide you with such.


We will decide together how often to meet via video conference or if house calls are more appropriate for your treatment. We could create a treatment option that implements both options. This also depends on address. Your treatment plan may be 2-3x per week, or once per week. I expect to help you reduce or resolve your pain, over a period of 2-8 weeks, depending on a variety of personal factors.


My goal is to make PT convenient, including offering appointments without a commute, and outside of work hours if need be. We will be a team, as you learn techniques to meet your goals. 

Alyssa Bryant, DPT, PT
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy, Licensed PT in MS

University of Mississippi Medical Center Alumni

  • Bachelor of Science

Mississippi State University



Tel: 601-308-3771

Fax: 601-724-8679

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