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Chicken Ranch Tacos


Ingredients that easily stretch for the week’s budget. Yes, please!

Tasty and healthy!

Grain free (gluten free)

Recommend a rotisserie chicken purchase each week, for a quick, nourishing food item, great in a pinch!

Just throw the ingredients below together!

-Siete hard taco shells (available in Brandon, MS, Kroger)

-Simple Truth brand or unseasoned Kroger brand or seasoned Home chef chicken (unseasoned is my first choice+salt/pepper at home)

-Fresh pico

-Sprouts/avocado/or other relevant favorite toppings (sprouts +\- avocado for me!)

-Organic, creamy or avocado ranch pictured (Kroger, Brandon, MS, cold item, in the produce/salad section)

My order of operations:

- chicken first

- toppings added

- drizzled with ranch

5 minutes!

No heating of the taco shells necessary!

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