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Waiting for Pain...

Overall human health burdens and inflammation

Our overall health and joint health is determined by choices we make everyday.

  • The products we ingest and choose as food or medicine or “energy”…

  • Self care products: lotion, shampoo, face and body wash, conditioner, hair spray, heat primers for hair, 10 different makeup products or more, deodorant, laundry detergent, perfume, body spray, tampons, fragrance, sunscreen…

  • Other household products: candles, cleaning products, dish detergent, bleach…

  • Our cooking methods/tools: oil choices, plastics, microwaves, etc.

  • The lifestyle choices we make: exercise, stress management, overuse of screen time, indoor pollution…

If we ignore these things, our bodies take on so many unnecessary burdens, and mostly we end up tired, in pain, and suffering. Unless you are an exception to that rule, due to amazing recovery abilities, which isn’t common.

Note #1: These are facts, like 2+2=4 or A+B+C+D=E.

{None of this INFO is an excuse to feel hopeless or judged or defensive. It does not need guilt attached. It's just information.}


Destroy those ways of thinking. It’s in your best interest. The only thing that works is solution based thinking to be successful in any area of our lives.

It’s just facts, and you only have to acknowledge them to begin healing and decreasing burdens on your health.

There are reasons for so many harmful products to be on the market, and it isn’t in the name of freedom. At best, the regulatory agencies just don’t care. Profits come first too. At worst, it’s purposeful that the products remain. Believe as you wish.

We can start here, and work on changing, which is hard meaningful work. Our choice products and meal go-tos are embedded in our lives.

We can also start with our children from birth, not to encourage such addictions that we find ourselves needing to change later. We can do our part to create a generation of children without the same addictions and nostalgic memories that glorify harmful products.

“Why do I care,” you may be asking? “I drank from a hose as a child, and I’m fine. I grew up using all that, and I’m fine.” We are learning the harm as time goes on. Don’t keep ignoring it. Chlorine in unfiltered tap water does do harm when ingested frequently, including to our thyroid and metabolism. Excess and added sugar is no better for kids than it is for adults. Mental health and infant development is being affected. Multiple sources of national stats are showing increases in a variety of childhood and adult diseases, and it’s not just due to an increase in testing.

The excuses are easy. “It costs more,” for instance. However, strategies and solutions exist.

I’m currently changing skin care from drugstore brands to simple non-toxic products. I have to use them less and learn to love and accept my natural state. I have to realize and re-learn that natural is beautiful. I can make up the cost difference by buying less often. Also, my skin health, as well as my overall health will improve. The drugstore products can contain ingredients that influence every system of your body. Immunity is impacted. The endocrine and metabolic systems are impacted. Your joint health is impacted. Your cardiovascular system is impacted, an so on.. It’s wild what a few small ingredients can do in your body, when applied and absorbed.

Tip#1: Read ingredients on everything.

Certain medications can do more harm than good, it’s just the truth. You do have to educate yourself and make decisions on the risk/benefit ratio though. Some do more good, and especially have temporary uses, than harm. Should we take pain medication, AND continue to stand on “tacks,” no. Should we take anti-inflammatory medications, AND continue to poke a “wasp nest,” no. Should we take weight loss drugs, and continue to consume and use inflammatory products and endocrine and metabolism disruptors that contribute to the visible illness of obesity, no. We need to address our nutrition, environment, and stress management, so that our bodies can improve self regulation.

Should you ignore your rotator cuff weakness and shoulder strain until it’s torn and requires surgery? I mean, you can. The surgery may take you a year to recover from and has the possibility to cause you more pain than the tear. It will cause you some lost time and wages since your shoulder is too hurt and weak to work initially… Then, ignoring the tear will also contribute to increased wear and tear on your shoulder, depending on the severity and location. Physical therapy is a conservative treatment option that can reduce your pain, improve stability of the joint, and protect the shoulder - depending on the tear.

How do we make this information useful? And not frustrating or guilt or anger or fear inducing?

When you make a choice, you treat it as such. A or B. Does this meet my and my family’s needs? There’s a time and a place for either choice, and additional needs/purposes to be served. Acceptance of whatever it is, makes sense. Celebrate your wins that day. Be aware of your choices and reasons, guilt free.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

One other purpose of writing this information down is: So that you know, you are correct to challenge the status quo, to eat differently than what you may observe, and to use different methods and products in your lives than what is common or advertised. So that you can ignore anyone who would insult you for doing so.

Products can be changed step by step. This is not a source of stress. Change one thing at a time. Give yourself time to adjust to the information and you will grow to use it more often.

Interesting links: (Obesity and joint inflammation is connected for more reasons than weight or wear and tear. Inflammation is a common denominator of obesity and joint arthritis and destruction.) (This website and free smartphone app, will let you search products you use and learn about the ingredients. It will also let you see a list of products they recommend. If expensive, also search for healthy DIY options in an online search engine.)

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